About us

Our company was founded to provide quality pipework to a market ignored by much larger companies, whilst still employing major manufacturing techniques.

Today we're still supplying quality pipework to our original customer base in the classic and conversion market, however we're also moving forward into the modern market.

What makes our pipework so special?  

Where possible, our pipework is made from one continuous, unbroken piece of pipe. In other words, no welds! Welds are possible points for failure and certainly bad for flow. All of our exhaust systems are free from unnecessary welds and joined by a reliable two bolt flange arrangement, making it as easy to remove them as it was to fit them, time and time again.

Usually, any system made on your car, in other words "Custom" will be a patchwork quilt of bends, sections of pipe and many, many welds. The is the polar opposite of what you'll find in our product page.

These are just some of the reasons that racers and track drivers come to us for their exhausts. With a couple of championship class wins under our belt, we'll let the silverware do the talking!