3" K03 /K03s conversion downpipe for Mk2/Mk3 Golf, Jetta, Corrado, Ibiza

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3" K03/K03s Conversion downpipe for Mk2/Mk3 Golf, Jetta, Corrado, Ibiza

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3" K03/K03s conversion downpipe for MK2/Mk3 Golf, Jetta, Corrado, Ibiza 20vt. This is the bigger brother to our long standing 2.5" version.

This downpipe has been in production for a while but we've recently made a couple of minor adjustments which have made a big difference. Not only will it fit with a mk2 Golf subframe arrangement, it will also fit with the mk3 Golf/Ibiza subframe in a mk2 chassis too.

We recommend that anyone starting a mk2 conversion use the mk3/Ibiza subframe and mounts for the build. This setup is cheaper and more durable than the mk2 setup. It's much more readily available, less likely to be suffering with corrosion and fitment will be consistent.  

If you're fitting this to mk2 Golf/Jetta and using the MK2 subframe, you'll need to use the following combination of brackets and mounts. 

  • G60 Front bracket and mount
  • G60/Rallye rear engine bracket and mount 
  • 02a gearbox bracket and G60/Diesel mount

*(If using Vibratechnics mounts, you'll need to rotate the lower part of the mount through 180 degrees to get the engine top sit on the mounts evenly. Not only does this allow the engine to drop nicely on to all 3 mounts, it also gives better clearance for the cam belt cover to the master cylinder and downpipe to steering boot)*

If you're using a mk3 subframe in a Mk2 Golf/Jetta with mk2 front carrier you'll need the following combination of mounts and brackets.

  • G60 front bracket and mount
  • Mk3 ABF/Tdi rear bracket and mount
  • 02a gearbox bracket and G60/Diesel mount

This downpipe will fit all Ibiza models using the k03/k03s setup.

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