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Scirocco Exhaust

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Scirocco 3" Exhaust


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Scirocco 3" Exhaust system.

Designed and manufactured in England with European stainless steel, this system was built reliability and power in mind!

It's a two piece system, joined by a tig welded two bolt flange arrangement, ensuring that if need be, it comes apart as easy as it went on! The only welds along the entire length of the pipe run are the ones for the flanges and silencers, giving optimum flow and reliability. 

Our products usually have at least one unique feature and this is no different. For this one we've designed an additional mounting point which helps keep the exhaust firmly where it should be under G force loading, to further improve reliability. 

We've had this system in testing since early 2014 on a range of different cars. The test vehicles are factory spec Mk5 Gti, a stage 2 Scirocco and a Mk2 Leon Cupra R with a TTE hybrid turbo.

They're surprisingly civilised at low revs, if fitted to a car with our silenced downpipe. If you fit this to a car without a silencer in the dowpipe it's likely to be quite loud.

Here's a short video of this exhaust with the silenced version of our downpipe

Click here for exhaust video!

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