Mk8-R Downpipe
  • Mk8-R Downpipe
  • Mk8-R Downpipe
  • Mk8-R Downpipe
  • Mk8-R Downpipe
  • Mk8-R Downpipe
  • Mk8-R Downpipe

Mk8-R Downpipe

VAT included
  • Trackslag GEN4 Decat 4wd Downpipe (TRACK ONLY)
Catalyst Option: De-cat (Track use only)
Silencer option: Without Silencer
GPF Emissions Spec: Non-GPF/North American, Australia, etc..
Adapter options: No adapter

The Trackslag Gen4 Downpipe!

Made with European Stainless Steel, designed and manufactured in the UK. This isn't yet another low grade, mass produced item shipped from the East and rebranded with XYZ Developments, Tuning, Motorsport, along with a huge markup!

We've been making high flow downpipes for over a decade. But most recently we shook things up in 2019 with our downpipe for Mk7 Golf/S3 8v platform. The Gen4 version takes everything that we learned in the 18 months of development of the MK7 downpipe, then everything we learned from the feedback over the last 4 yrs in production and rolled it into what you see here today. 

You could say that there has been 6 yrs of development in this part!

Basic spec is - 4 inch pipe to match the turbo for the first two bends, then a smooth transition to 3.5 inch, then another smooth transition to 3" just before the properly placed and sized OEM style soft flex. 

We have added a silencer option! We must admit that we are very happy with how this has turned out. Don't worry, it won't effect power or performance in any way. It will just sound like it always should have done! It gets rid of that hollow, raspy turbine noise and reveals the bass notes. Here's a link to our development car with the silenced De-cat downpipe, going between Comfort and Race modes.

Check out the video below. Here we have a North American spec MK8R going through all the stages of noises with the De-cat, non-silenced version.  Big thanks to VWtalk for doing this for us!

Key Benefits

  • Earlier turbo spool, giving power earlier and holding this advantage across the rev range
  • Lower exhaust temperatures
  • Reduced under bonnet temperatures
  • Reduced drone

*Adapter note- This is mainly aimed at our friends in the USA. We're finding that some aftermarket exhausts need longer adapters. (Mostly those made in the Far East) AWE being one that we know of, so we've added the "Extra long 3" extension" option. This adapter will give most people more length than they need. You just need to trim it it suit.

Mk8-R Downpipe
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