Tfsi Downpipe 3.5" / 90mm
  • Tfsi Downpipe 3.5" / 90mm
  • Tfsi Downpipe 3.5" / 90mm
  • S3 (8P) Downpipe 3.5" / 90mm
  • Tfsi Downpipe 3.5" / 90mm
  • S3 (8P) Downpipe 3.5" / 90mm
  • S3 (8P) Downpipe 3.5" / 90mm
  • Tfsi Downpipe 3.5" / 90mm
  • Tfsi Downpipe 3.5" / 90mm

Tfsi Downpipe 3.5" / 90mm

VAT included

High Flow, 3.5"/90mm Monster Downpipe with OEM style soft flex

Made to fit just about all of the 2.0 tfsi /Tsi range of cars, including Mk5 Golf Gti, MK5 Golf Edition 30, MK6 Golf Gti, Mk6 Golf R, MK2 Leon Cupra, Skoda Octavia Mk2, Audi A3, Audi S3 8p and probably a few more that we haven't mentioned! 

Catalyst Option: De-cat (Track use only)
Silencer option: Without Silencer
Adapter options: No adapter

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If you're already familiar with the Trackslag way of thinking, you'll know that this won't just be another version of something that's already available. 

We've been developing 3.5" downpipes for the Tfsi/Tsi range since 2015. Not only does this downpipe give gains at the top end of the rev range,  it also improves spool, giving a wider power band. These turbos need all the help they can get with heat management, so the larger diameter of this downpipe and the fact that it doesn't need heat wrapping will assist with exhaust gas temperature management.  

Our unique design means that the 3.5" section is longer than on any other downpipe available for the 4wd platform, yet still gives more clearance for the gear selector cables than most 3" downpipes. Gear selector cable position can be fairly random from car to car, be it that they were built that way, or they've been worked on previously (Clutch change?) or the cables have simply sagged. We made this downpipe with enough clearance from the selector cables on a relatively new, low mileage car, but we urge people to use common sense when fitting the downpipe and if necessary, lift the cables. (Sorry to state the obvious there!)

This downpipe is also available with a silencer option. Depending on your setup, this either eliminate or helps reduce unwanted drone at cruising speeds and reduces exhaust noise. It will not reduce power.

Who should order the silenced version? 

  • Anyone who is ordering our Catback exhaust. Our Catback exhausts only have one silencer (the back box) so it will be too loud without the silenced downpipe. 

  • Anyone with an aftermarket turbo back system who already finds that their car is too loud. 

  • Anyone who is noise conscious. The factory downpipe has two catalysts and is only 60mm OD, so it acts as a silencer.

Does it come with a turbo to downpipe gasket?

No it doesn't, but you can add one to your order here if you don't have one already. 

Usual Trackslag standards apply to this downpipe. Designed and manufactured in England, made from European sourced stainless steel under one roof. It's a two piece downpipe joined by a pair of reliable two bolt flanges. We also used an OEM style 3" soft flex to improve durability and reduce vibration. 

We've terminated the downpipe with straight 3" pipe, making it easier for you to hook up to your OEM, or aftermarket exhaust. We can supply a nice cone reducer for those wishing to keep the standard exhaust, or a straight 3" sleeved length for those with 3" aftermarket exhausts and a 2.75" adapter for those with the Milltek 2.75" system.

Will the car need tuning?

Yes it will. This downpipe will allow the turbo to spool earlier than what your software is expecting. This will lead to uncontrolled boost, leading to intervention by the ecu. The car will also protect itself by injecting more fuel than it needs. This will be evident by a deeper/louder tone to the exhaust, with lots of pops, burbles and bangs. If you have bought the catalyst version of our downpipe, you really want to avoid this as it will damage the catalyst in a short period of time! 

If you are buying one of our exhausts to go with this downpipe, you will not need an adapter.

*Special note for people with BCS exhausts* We also offer an option for use with resonated BCS exhausts, however feedback from customers is telling us that for some reason, there seems to be variances in the positioning of the front wheel drive BCS exhausts. We know that it works with 4wd BCS exhaust, but we're getting mixed feedback from front wheel drive cars. Please give us a call before ordering to discuss your needs, if you intend to order the BCS adapter option. We want you to be happy with your purchase!


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