3" Gasket
  • 3" Gasket
  • 3" Gasket

3" Gasket

VAT included

Replacement 3" stainless multi layer gaskets.


Replacement 3" gasket. For use with all our 3" two bolt flanges.

Stainless steel, multi layer gasket with fire ring.

We've been trying to get these made in the UK at a reasonable price for quite some time. We're pleased to tell you that we've finally solved this problem!

Even though the gaskets we've been using are a big brand name (and priced accordingly!) we simply couldn't stomach the fact that they were made in Taiwan and that they fell to bits after a while.

These gaskets now come as standard with all our products that have a 3" two bolt flange arrangement. 

This is another example of how we continually strive to improve!

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